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Beware of this FAKE IPTV service claiming to be Vue Media

User’s looking for the official Vue Media website should beware of a new FAKE website, claiming to be Vue Media. Avoid Scammers!

One of the most annoying things in the streaming scene, is fake apps, fake websites, and fake services, claiming to be, or using the name of an official services, and continuing to take advantage of their customer base.

This is just another example of this happening.

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Fake Vue Media IPTV website

Fake Vue Media Logo
Fake Vue Media Logo

It has come to light, that there seems to be a fake IPTV creeping up the ranks on Google. This service is called Vue Media Now.

Vue Media Now have appeared on a domain, with a logo that appears to be Vue Media TV.

We have seen this happen with the likes of Gears, Area 51, Beast and Vaders.

It is a clever way to attract and gain new customers from an already existing service or well established name.

This Fake Vue Media website is associated with the IP address : which also has 2 other IPTV services running under it’s server.

In addition to the site that is attempting to imitate Vue Media, they owner also runs 2 other websites, mymediaone.com and mikestvbox.com.

Here is a screenshot of the fake website:

Fake Vue Media Website

Official Vue Media IPTV

There is only 1 official source for Vue Media and that is vuemedia.tv

Vue Media logo

Vue Media IPTV is a well established IPTV service that has operated for a long time. However, recently, due to a DMCA takedown, their homepage was removed from Google, providing an opportunity to scammers or alike, to take advantage of the opening.

Here is a screen shot of the official Vue Media IPTV website.

Official Vue Media IPTV
Official Vue Media IPTV website

You can also download the official Vue Media apps to ensure you have the correct and legit app.

Download official Vue Media app

If you are unsure of which Vue Media app is legit, use the below button to take you to the official Vue Media app downloads page.

Avoid using fake services

My advice, is to be cautious of the vast amount of fake websites and services claiming to impersonate other apps or websites.

This is another prime example of portraying a fake image.

If you are looking for the official Vue Media IPTV website use THIS LINK.

You can also find their social links via their homepage.

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