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Nvidia Shield TV 8.2 update brings some BIG changes

Nvidia Shield TV 8.2 update expands remote customization, improves AI upscaler and other big changes!

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most supported Android TV devices of the year, and to back that up, it just released its 25th update -v8.2!

The latest Nvidia Shield TV 8.2 update brings some big changes to the 2019 TV devices, you can find the change log in this post.

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Advanced AI Upscaling

One of the most popular features of the Nvidia Shield TV is the built in AI Upscaling. This amazing feature can upscale even the lowest resolutions (480p) to look like 4K quality.

This features adds an unbelievable Sharpening to the video, and can turn even the lowest quality to a much more clear, and vivid video quality.

Click the image below to test the AI upscaling and see the difference between Basic and AI Upscaling :

In the 8.2 update, the Nvidia Shield TV can now upscale videos as low as 360p to 4K quality.

Today’s upgrade adds more UHD 4K upscaling support from 360p to 1440p content. And on 2019 SHIELD TV Pros, we added support for 60fps content. Now SHIELD can upscale live sports on HD TV and HD video from YouTube to 4K with AI. In the weeks ahead, following an update to the NVIDIA Games app in September, we’ll add 4K 60fps upscaling to GeForce NOW.

Customise Nvidia Shield TV Remote

Another big change is the ability to customise the menu button on the Nvidia Shield TV remote. You can assign custom actions and app launched from inside the Shield Settings.

In addition to an action assigned to a single press, users can now configure a custom action for double press and long press. With over 25 actions available, the SHIELD remote is now the most customizable remote for streamers.

Customise Nvidia Shield TV Menu button

This powerful feature works with all SHIELD TVs and the SHIELD TV app, available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

You can now also customise the TV/Projector and other inputs from the Nvidia Shield TV.

More to Be Enthusiastic About

We take pride in SHIELD being a streaming media player enthusiasts can be, well, enthusiastic about. With our latest software upgrade, we’re improving our IR and CEC volume control support.

These upgrades include support for digital projectors, and allowing functionality when SHIELD isn’t active. It also adds IR volume control when using the SHIELD TV app, and when you’ve paired your Google Home with SHIELD. The 2019 SHIELD remote adds IR control to change the input source on TVs, AVRs and soundbars.

Additionally, earlier SHIELD generations — both 2015 and 2017 models — now have an option to match the frame rate of displayed content.

We’ve added native SMBv3 support as well, providing faster and more secure connections between PC and SHIELD. SMBv3 now works without requiring a PLEX media server.

With SHIELD, there’s always more to love. Download the latest software upgrade today, and check out the release notes for a complete list of all the new features and improvements.

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