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Nokia are releasing a low cost 4K Android TV box

Nokia are due to release a brand new low cost 4K Android Box with HDR, and running the official Android TV OS.

nokia smart tv 5500a with android

You don’t have to pay a lot if you’re looking for a modern Android TV set — at least, if you live in the right part of the world. Nokia (or rather, its brand licensee Streamview) is launching a host of Android TVs that promise to be affordable while offering perks like 4K and HDR.

The core of the line ranges from the 43-inch 4300A through to the 75-inch 7500A (you’re looking at the 55-inch 5500A above). All of these Nokia-branded LCD TVs include 4K, HDR (using HDR10) and a remote with push-to-talk for Google Assistant. There’s also talk of “interoperability” with Nokia phones, although that’s really a reference to the Google ecosystem. Other Android phones should work well.

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You won’t find luxuries like high refresh rates (they stop at 60Hz), and the sets are running Android 9. You do get micro dimming LEDs, four HDMI outputs and potentially game-friendly response times no higher than 9.5ms. A 1080p model, the 32-inch 3200A, includes HDR and three HDMI outputs for those who just want a small, no-frills TV.

nokia tv and streaming box 1

Credit:Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

nokia tv and streaming box 2

Credit:Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

There is an option from Nokia to bring Android TV to virtually any set. The Streaming Box 8000 (pictured below) is a straightforward Android 10 media hub with 4K playback and a Google Assistant-ready remote with shortcuts for common services like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube.

nokia streaming box 8000 with android

Credit: Nokia

nokia tv and streaming box 3

Credit:Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

We’re still waiting on pricing as we write this, so it’s not certain just how affordable the Nokia Android TVs will be. Nokia is clear that even the 4K TVs are budget models, though. The Streaming Box 8000 is expected to cost €99 (about $116). Don’t expect to find this hardware worldwide — the 8000 will only be available in Europe, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Android TVs sell primarily in the continent.

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