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New Tech

How to install Kodi 19.0 on Amazon Firestick ! Best Kodi Build in 2021 Update

Watch the latest video from NewTech….. How to install Kodi 19.0 on Amazon Firestick ! Best Kodi Build in 2021 Update

NewTech is a YouTube channel setup to provide the latest and best streaming apps for the Amazon Firestick. Never miss the latest streaming apks!

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Watch How to install Kodi 19.0 on Amazon Firestick ! Best Kodi Build in 2021 Update

Here is the latest video from NewTech’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his channel to show your support!


This tutorial will teach you about:

BEST kodi build
kodi on firestick
xanax kodi

the topics covered here are all about Kodi and showing you how to install, please use this at your own risk
these addons are not verified if they have proper licenses from the media holders or not we could not verify this information

Kodi is a great media center lots of these best addons will work great enjoy take care.

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  1. I keep getting error when trying to dl a build and I've tried all 6 host … starts downloading and then by the time it's almost done I get an error saying flailed to dl check log

  2. Thank you so much this was easy to do and seeing it step by step really helped. I was trying to get live sports on kodi and it’s asking for a password do I use the same password that was provided earlier ?

  3. Thank you for all your help. I have one question, on my tv screen it reads xanax build 2.6 and says it was updated July 16th 2020. That's not right. I just bought the 4k fire stick from Amazon .

  4. I followed the steps step-by-step and when it comes to me starting up kodi nothing is there it’s almost like I did nothing. I do see the xanax wizard and the downloaded apps installed but I can’t access anything in kodi it’s like its blank

  5. Hello all! I was wondering if there is an active discord or a Reddit thread where we can get different questions answered about filed linked and cracking our fire sticks and different streaming apps???

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