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Amazon Prime is FINALLY available on Xiaomi Mi Box S and Mi Stick

Many Xiaomi Mi Box S and Mi Stick customers finally get the news they have waited for. Amazon Prime video is now available on the app store!

If you are the owner of the Xiaomi Mi stick 4K or Mi Box S, you might have felt disappointed to learn that the Amazon Prime Video app was not available to download to your streaming box.

Today, it has come to light, you can now download the Amazon Prime Video app via the Google PlayStore on Android TV on the Xiaomi streaming devices.

Amazon Prime Video offers some GREAT content, you can also claim a 30 day free trial to test it out for yourself!

closeup photo of person holding panasonic remote control in front of turned on smart television
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Netflix is ofcourse the most popular streaming app, but Amazon Prime offer some great content, and also covers some of the Premier league games coverage.

Download Amazon Prime Video on Xiaomi Mi Box S or Mi Stick

To download the Amazon Prime video app on the Xiaomi devices including the Mi Box S or Mi Stick 4K is very simple.

Head on over to the Google Play Store on Android TV, and search for Amazon Prime Video.

You can download the Prime Video app straight from the Google PlayStore and then log in with your Prime account. You can use THIS LINK to claim 30 days free.

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