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Watch the latest video from TechDoctorUK….. 🔴SUPERCHARGE CHROMECAST WITH GOOGLE TV

TechDoctorUK is a YouTube channel that offers many Streaming Tutorials including advanced guides on your Streaming Devices!

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Here is the latest video from TechDoctorUK’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his channel to show your support!

Do you want to speed up your Chromecast with Google tv? This video will show you how to supercharge your new chromecast device. Everything will be faster and you will have more free memory !
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  1. I just got mine last night, i love it so far. It’s very similar to the fire stick but i prefer the basic android settings menu. highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t got one

  2. hey! 🙂 nice video and very helpful…. But if I want to connect a usb external camera and use the original brick and the hub, I have to go developer options? isn't it? So what kind of advice and steps to follow to make my camera work… do I have to activate something on this developer options? thanks in advance for your response…. 🙂

    PS : theere's something called "select USB configuration"…. what does that mean?

  3. Great video. Can I ask a question? SD Maid asks for permission to acces usage statistics. How can I give this permission? It sends me to the settings but I have no idea where to find these.

  4. It is said, by google, that nest audio will be able to use as a "home theater sound system” which is great. But this makes me think IF it is possible with a supercharge Chromecast (input via USB-c as your video talks about) to also connect an HDMI cable to that extra input to the Chromecast google tv device via the extra dongle/docking station, from ex a PC or PS or such. And in that way still being able to use the google nest audio connected to the Chromecast google tv device, while broadcasting something from those devices. What are your thoughts on that?

  5. Thank you for the info doctor. I installed the NordVPN on my chrome cast with google TV. However apps I try to install say not available in your country. Is there a step I missed perhaps?

  6. Tech Doc, I absolutely love your channel and tutorials, so informative!! Question. I'm having problems with widgets. I don't have the url for the shield, and on my Cube 2nd generation. I've followed all the steps but all the widgets that I try to install from aptoud, they do not show up when I press pick a widget. Any ideas? For the Wolf Launcher

  7. Great video. What I'm having a bit of an issue with is HDMI CEC. I am able to turn on my TV using the Chromecast remote but when I try turning it off it only swtches off the HDMI port of the Chromecast but Not the entire TV. Does anybody have a solution for that?

  8. You really are the bees knees mate. Always love watching your videos, you're always so good at recommending quality things. Plus, I'm a techie myself but I learn a lot from you! God bless the Tech Doc!

  9. I love your videos and your knowledge is extensive; you are a top man!…but i've got a 4k firestick and an x96 max android tv box…the x96 has 4gig ram; a mouse built in to the remote; and a 1000gig lan port and usb ports…it has lots of storage which you can expand to more if you want to which is really difficult with the firestick and the chromecast…finally and more importantly it feels faster than the firestick….'so with all that being said'….why on earth would anyone choose a 4k firestick or google chromecast over a decent spec android box???

  10. Thanks for a very informative video. With regards to your video about adding usb, I got the hub you recommended and it works as to the extent that I can move apps to it but it does not show up on any file manager so I can use it for tivimate recordings, any ideas would be appreciated.

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