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Watch the latest video from TechDoctorUK….. 🔴CHROMECAST WITH GOOGLE TV UPDATE

TechDoctorUK is a YouTube channel that offers many Streaming Tutorials including advanced guides on your Streaming Devices!

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Here is the latest video from TechDoctorUK’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his channel to show your support!

The new Chromecast with google tv is here. This video will show you how you can change the stock launcher of the chromecast with google tv to a custom one.
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  1. Seriously, This is now the 5 video I'm looking, with no proper linking of your apps you are using and reffering too… so annoying… You always say link in description, but there arn't the one needed….

  2. Does the custom launcher help to stop ads on the youtube app though? That's the main thing I've been trying to fix since receiving my chromecast. I feel like if I can't stop the ads I'll have to return it because it really ruins the experience for me.

  3. Hey doc can you show us step by step on how to get widgets on chromecast with Google tv. I downloaded remote and shell and when I open it there is no IP address on the first line . I’m stuck what do I need to put on the first line and also show us what to put on the line at the bottom of remote adb shell. I don’t know how to copy and paste. Put that line in the description fo me thanks get back to me ASAP nick i

  4. Hey Doc have a question at the end of this video when you add widgets I can’t understand what I have to do to get them. Can you let me know step by step on how to get a weather widget. Thank you much nick i

  5. Thanks for this video. How do you change the settings in the weather app that you use for the widget. I'm in the United States and it's showing the temp in Celsius. I open the app and I'm not able to change any of the settings.

  6. Hmm, none of the widgets are showing up in my selection besides Wolf Application. Did not get an error message when enabling widgets. The apps themselves open fine just no widget available.

  7. Very useful tips, thanks so much for making these tutorials. The wolf launcher definitely cleans up the home screen nicely. Did however run into a small nuance where remapping the home button to launch the wolf launcher, it also opens up the notification area after the wolf launcher showed up.

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