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Watch the latest video from TechDoctorUK….. 🔴CHROMECAST GOOGLE TV SECRET FEATURES

TechDoctorUK is a YouTube channel that offers many Streaming Tutorials including advanced guides on your Streaming Devices!

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Here is the latest video from TechDoctorUK’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his channel to show your support!

The new Chromecast with google tv is here. This video has some cool things you can do on your Chromecast. Everything from expanding storage, using Apple TV screensaver , virtual mouse and much more !
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  1. Great video, covers pretty much all the bases! Got a question though, do you think it would be possible to partition an ssd, and use 1 partition as internal storage and the other as external storage, or would the chromecast formatting wipe out the partitions?

  2. Love it! Is that the way to do it by using the fire stick remote? 🙄 i really dont want to have to use or keep up with more than one remote. I was loving my chromecast but with the mouse issue now i kind of hate it

  3. Can you please do a video showing how to connect a Bluetooth controller whether it be Xbox van or PlayStation controller. I’ve been searching for weeks on YouTube I can’t find a single instructional video on how to do that. I’m starting to think I can’t do it unless you call Nvidia shield or whatever it’s called because that’s all they keep popping up

  4. I ordered mine today (in Sky blue). Additionally I bought the Ethernet adapter for it, which Google provides. I have internet access near my TV so it makes sense to connect it via cable, not wifi.

  5. Hey mate, love ure videos. Great infos here.
    Love the aerial dream on my TV, even i have to set everything on 1080 to load those aerials.

    I wonder if its possible to make this app offline, sure only for people with external storage, since those videos gonna need some storage.
    But would be nice though.

  6. Question: I have a Samsung TV & a separate Samsung sound bar. The sound bar's subwoofer is plugged into the tv via hdmi, but the 2 speakers are connected to the subwoofer via bluetooth. I have both the tv and the sound bar successfully setup on the chromecast (and both will turn offon successfully) BUT .. they will not turn on together! I have tried all of the power on options but none of them will allow me to turn both tv and sound bar together!
    The sound bar woofer cannot communicate with the speakers unless they are turned on (both have separate power adapters)
    If I select the sound bar as the primary power on device it works, but there should be a grouping feature so both the tv and sound bar can be included in the turn on featureoption .. and there is none 🙁
    Any help would be great!! Thx
    Any ideas??

  7. Have had this for a few days and was running smooth. Now it's freezing every 20 or 30 seconds on StbEmu. Any ideas? would be helpful before I pull the rest of my hair out

  8. Its not just the voice that doesnt work. There is no tv input button…no volume or mute buttons either or tv power button on the fire control. The Google remote does have fast forward and rewind. If the video is playing, hit the center button to pause and play and left and right to seek.

  9. I just bought a new Samsung 3.1 flashdrive and I can't format it on the chromecast. I also have a Anker 60 watts power brick and it doesn't give me the option to format the USB. I'm I missing something? Can you please help me solve this problem?

  10. Why isn't nobody on YouTube or the web is talking about Google's Chromecast with television dongle that doesn't broadcast Dolby digital sound!
    Every reviewer passes that up.
    can someone please help me with this I would love to know how to control the sound with Dolby Digital!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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