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Watch the latest video from TechDoctorUK….. 🔴BEELINK GT-R MINI PC IS A BEAST !

TechDoctorUK is a YouTube channel that offers many Streaming Tutorials including advanced guides on your Streaming Devices!

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Here is the latest video from TechDoctorUK’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his channel to show your support!

✅ Best price here – http://bit.ly/BeelinkGTRtduk (Code: TechDoctorUKMinipc2)
The Beelink GT-R is a slightly larger mini PC physically consisting of a 168 mm x 120 mm x 39 mm (6.61 x 4.72 x 1.54 inches) rectangular metal case with a plastic top. It is an actively cooled mini PC that uses a (previous generation) Zen+ microarchitecture 12 nm Ryzen 5 3550H mobile processor which is a quad-core 8-thread 2.1 GHz processor boosting to 3.7 GHz with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.
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  1. Thanks for the nice and informative review..but what about the heating up, I heard that the fan gets a real loud noise, is that true? Does it sound so all the time or only with extreme graphics demand?

  2. Hi ! Thx for your video, i'm looking for a device to replace my old Beelink X55, and this one is pretty nice! I have a shadow boost account too and do you have a good experience on FPS games with shadow running on this ? I mean i Have a Shadow ghost too and I never had a good experience on my beelink x55 ! Not as good as my ghost ! A sensation of input lag on the x55 that i don't have on the shadow ghost (like a local PC) ! Does it come from my x55 and its J5005 CPU not owerful enough ? Thx for your answer and nice video ! 😉

  3. Hey Doc — I have an off topic question for you if you don't mind. I have added external storage to my Firecube…I noticed right away that after I did that and put the Remote ADB Shell app on the cube, my device was definitely slower and clunkier. I now realize that the internal storage of the cube is more than adequate for my needs and I would rather have a speedier device….thus I am thinking about getting rid of the external storage. I do NOT want to do a Factory Reset on the device. Do you think that I can document the apps I have on the thumb-drive (for accurate info as to what was located there later), pull the thumb-drive from the device and delete any of the apps that were associated with creating the extra storage…would it be as simple as that to get my cube back to the condition it was in prior to me adding the external storage?
    I realize this question is confusing, and hope it makes some sense to you and that you'll have patience with me to respond. I just cant stomach doing a Factory reset, but would much rather have a leaner Firecube without the storage.

  4. Tech Doctor i'm going to ask an off topic question. The last 2 days i'll be in youtube, or another app and after a few minutes it knocks me back to the home screen. What could be causing that ?

  5. That looks like a good little gadget. What service provider do you use because those download speeds are crazy the most I can ever achieve is just over 30 mbs. Cheers

  6. Doc. At $569.99 USD too pricey I think for an entertainment box I would think a PS5 or the new Xbox, either of them will have hdmi 2.1 and support for Dolby Vision would be a smarter choice.

  7. Nice video doc,but if you would rank the 2nd generation fire TV cube,the TiVo stream and the new Chromecast with Google TV in your own opinion from 1-3 how would you go?

  8. Just curious, why didn't it measure higher Speed when wired on your Gigabit? shouldn't you be getting closer to the 1 gig if it truly has a 1 gig Nic in it?

  9. Amazing for the size but definitely not cost efficient enough to justify purchasing when you can get better machine at that price and not have to worry about it catching on fire.

  10. This just might be my first mini PC right here. You were right when I purchased my all in computer a few years back and you haven't been wrong. I'm really impressed with this device. Thank you TDUK for the excellent review. 🤗🤗

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